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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 11, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. you want to leave? please. >>reporter: the yelling continues. health care reform has the public and lawmakers heated up. why president obama says the plan must become a reality. >> trouble in a group home for teens. the shocking number of times police have been called to the facility. heat in the threat of storms and changes on the way. what we can expect in the sky watch forecast. she is going to get other things. >> simon speaking out about paula's departure from "american idol". why he says the show just won't be the same without her. hello.
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>> health care reform and the heated debate and the protest just won't go away. >> keith live in belaire where a demonstration is taking place as we speak. keith? >>reporter: we are live outside congressman frank cradville belaire office. congressman is not here. he has been the subject as you know of several protest. encountered at some town hall meetings. he's not here. they tell us he's out of the country on official business but protest are still here. they are calling it a town hall meeting without the town hall. they are standing on the streets. with their signs at least 100 people standing in opposition to the health care reform proposal. this is part of the group that helped organize this you are with the belaire tea party coalition. i tell you what, what is the opposition all about. what is wrong with the proposal in your opinion. >> we are not so much against obama as we are against big
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government. people don't want the government a bigger government than we have. we want them to back off us. stop telling us how to do it. >>reporter: what is wrong with the people don't just have health care. what is wrong with the government of the president trying to get them coverage. >> we are short of doctors no now. 50 million more people to the roll. how in god name are we going to cover everybody? wait months and months to get to a doctor. won't be getting the health care we need. won't get any. >>reporter: thank you very much. passion in front of congressman's office. of course coming up tonight what supporters are saying about this proposal including congressman star tonight at 10:00. for now live in belaire, fox 45 news at 5:30. pennsylvania senator specter gets heated after voters make the voice heard in a town hall meeting today. >> if you want to stay in the hall, if you want to stay in the hall we are not going to tolerate any demonstrations or
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any boo so it is up to you. >>reporter: republican turned democrat faced a crowded hall of angry voters in lebanon, lebanon, pennsylvania. meeting got off to bad start after specter told the crowd only a handful of people would have a chance to ask a question. >> you have awake ended a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia. turning into a socialized country. >>reporter: president obama himself also put himself on the front line of health care reform battle today. he hosted a town hall meeting in new hampshire. president obama says the one trillion dollar 10 year plan is key to long-term economic stability. >> because right now we have a health care system that too often works better for the insurance industry than it does for the american people. and we got to change that. >>reporter: obama didn't say how he would pay for the overhaul but he says he is working with congress on that. maryland senator faced a
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rowdy crowd last night in towns end and bracing for another town hall meeting tomorrow. he's holding the town hall meetings to hear directly from the voters but tonight there are concerns about the impact they are having. jeff reports. >> 4 hours before the meeting began. >> this is america. >>reporter: passion. turn to protest. >> people here that represent radical group. this is so wrong. people who represent a group over here that are supporters of every democratic initiative. i think the majority of americans do support this. >>reporter: the doe bait has turned the most unlikely of voters into protestors. >> president obama has made health care his top priority. >>reporter: inside senator ben card was heckled and engineered. during an hour and a half town meeting devoted to health care reform. >> i want to make sure everybody understands where we are today. that's why we need
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reform. >> how can you democrat support such a costly irresponsible national health care insurance. >>reporter: the doctor first to ask a question at monday meeting says the meeting may have served a valuable purpose. >> i think it may have served as a release valve because a lot of people who went there very upset. i thought that he answered a lot of their questions directly. i think it shows a certain courage on his part. >>reporter: jeff reporting. because passion are running so high many lawmakers are abandoning these town hall meetings and cancelling the public schedule but senator card forging ahead and will hold a similar meeting in hagerstown tomorrow. now you can see more last night town hall meeting at towns he said on our web site. just click on raw news. >> now that brings us to our question of the day. do you think the town hall meetings are effective? go to fox please tell us what you think. response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> you can make your voice
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heard. tell your elected officials what you think of the health care proposal. phone number and e-mail addresses by logging on to our web site slash your voice. >> three days above 90 degrees. makes this officially a heat wave. baltimore under another code red alert today. cooling center are open until 7 tonight for anybody who needs a place to keep cool. last night the heat stirred up strong storms in and around baltimore. lightning filled the sky and strong winds actually forced a tree to topple object to a van at johns hopkins university. vytas joins us now to tell us what we condition expect tonight. >> looks like the heat firing up showers and thunderstorms across the area at this time. our sky watch radar right now showing a decent cell that is in northern baltimore county at and it looks like this will continue to travel south as we go through the next hour or so. probably see showers and thunderstorms across northern baltimore county heading into harper county. zooming out the picture here you can see as we scan the sky more showers and thunderstorms beyond that. looks like this activity will continue to head
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to the south east. traveling about 20 or 25 miles an hour. not a very fast moving storm but the track of the storm will take it over boston at 5:49 p.m. 5:15 in belaire an kingsville looking at 5:51 arrival time and gusty wind and heavy rainfall as the activity moves through. frequent lightning as the storm traveled to the south east. we still have more beyond that. in fact look at this in the motion composite view we can see this activity continuing to push to the south east. but more beyond that then further to the northwest a lot more activity make its way through pennsylvania so we could get more thunderstorms around 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock tonight as we have a lot of instability atmosphere out there. as far as the heat looking at temperatures at 89 degrees in baltimore. 90 in dc. we didn't get into the mid 90's so we didn't have heat advisory in place. nonetheless it was pretty hot out there. the heat index is 93 in baltimore. 94 in dc. but looks like we will get a little break from the heat over the next couple days. look at that coming um.
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unexpected development today at the rainment of the teen accused in the shooting of 5-year-old girl in south west baltimore. attorney defending 17-year-old la mont davis release this video from police surveillance camera. he says it raises questions about whether davis was actually the shooter. there you see a guy very clearly firing a gun. davis was arraigned today on 2 counts of attempted first degree murder. he allegedly shot at another teenager. hit him. and then hit 5-year-old raven wyatt she's still in the hospital. davis trial date is set for october 2nd. alarming number of emergency calls group home in annapolis calling for tighter security tonight. sunday firefighters was attacked while responding to an alarm. kathleen has the latest on the story tonight. >>reporter: the fire fighter hit by a steel bat on the head while trying to disable a fire alarm during a falls call on sunday. he is okay. but now there are demands for the
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state to mandate massive security changes at that private run facility for troubled boys. the eastern point group home is tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac and adult residential community in annapolis. police say there have been 4 56 calls to 911 from that facility since january 2006. neighbors say the trouble and violence at the group home has escalated in the past few months. ralph ben lives next door. >> i called the police department and i asked them what i would have to do to yet get a gun permit. i haven't handled a gun since world war ii but i think it is time that i brought one in. it concerns me. very much so. >>reporter: the private group home is run by the united states fellowship incorporated but the state monitors that facility. we'll have a lot more on that story tonight at 10:00. fox 45 news at 5:30. miss kennedy shriver has
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died. she was the sister of president john kennedy and known for founding the special olympics. shriver suffered a series of strokes in recent years. she had for -- lived for many years in the family estate in maryland. she died yesterday at massachusetts hospital. she was 88 years old. how are the roads looking at this hour. kandace now has our traffic edge report. kandace. >>reporter: thank you jeff. vytas is talking about the rainfall in northern baltimore county on 83. that's going to be a bit of a dicey ride and check out the average speeds. 44 on 95 moving through the mountain road area and 695 but on the jfx major trouble there with 27 miles per hour. as far as the top he said of the belt way it is just going to be a mess. crash on the inner loop lanes right at belaire road and yet another one in the same direction that is right on the ramp to 83 harris
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burg expressway. as a result we do have very lengthy delay on northbound side of the jfx right now from downtown heading up to 695 a lengthy 15 minute commute. and a lot of cars stacked um on the top end of the belt way leading up to the scene. as a result this entire top end stretch is just going to be a big time headache tonight. traveling along the west side finally eases up a bit so definitely on the outer and inner loop direction and cars coasting along. we have a crash in winds or mill on the west side there dog wood road right at ridge road. that's the evening travels now back to you. >> kandace, big baby news for a former "american idol" contestant. >> find out who gave birth to baby boy. still ahead. exploring the mayor and the myth. documentary that looks at the life of former dc mayor marian berry still ahead. >> and con artist out of utah arrive in maryland to set up shop.i'll tell you what to
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shop.i'll tell you what to watch out for
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>> home security alarm door to door. sounds safe but in many cases it's a complete sham. baltimore county police and better business bureau warn resident to watch out. crime justice reporter joy has the story. joy? >> it is the selling season for con artist. wanting to take advantage of resident right here in baltimore and in the city suburb. clean cut college students going door to door. marketing home security systems. they have already been spotted in baltimore county near end puty hills. victim describe the men as very charming. police fear the operation is more wide spread than even they know. >> there may be other victims out there that we don't know about. >> people who have signed some deal with some good looking young man with charming smile and next necktie and not realize they are being conned. >>reporter: now police say if you have been approached call them and let them know. experts say many of these phony sales men are out of
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utah and they are breaking the law right here in maryland on multiple levels. joy, fox 45 news at 5:30. in annapolis some state employees are nervously awaiting the next round of budget cut. reminding state law makers that further cuts in agency well reduce services to the needy. last month the state approved 280 million dollars in budget cut but in two week the satellite has to cut another 400 medical to balance the budget. employee oppose being furlough again but they say beats being laid off. >> take the fur low of 1 or 2 day. at least you have a job to come back to at that time. >>reporter: governor o'malley says employee compensation and state aid to local government will be part of making out that budget short fall. the heat wave continues. we could get some more storms tonight. vytas joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> we have a few thunderstorms out there fearing up with all the heat and humidity. we have the temperatures in the lower 90's in fact lets go right to the radar. you can see radar scanning the sky.
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thunderstorm in northern baltimore county and will continue to move through the area heading to the south east at 15 miles an hour. not very fast moving storm. also we have some activity over the border in pens vaeb and up to york. we see this pop up shower and thunderstorm activity over the course of the next several hours as we have a front up to the north moving to pennsylvania. see the lightning strike here. almost 150 lightning strike in the last hour and thunderstorms in the region. now looking at this in motion you see how the thunderstorms are slowly moving across the border and heading into northern baltimore county then soon in harper couldn't and we could maybe get a thunderstorm around the baltimore city area through the next several hours. still more testimony back in pennsylvania so a lot of activity to work with as we go through the next several hours. 89 in baltimore. 90 in dc. heat index though at 93 degrees. 94 in dc. still fredericksburg hot spot and agent bit of relief to tomorrow. tomorrow stray chance for showers and
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thunderstorms to 85 or 88 then later tonight down to 80 degrees. wednesday out of the west at 5 to 10. i have closer look at the 7 day coming up. all right. storm hit your area we want you to share it with us. up load photo or video to neighborhood news. go to our web site and send photo or video directly from your cell phone through pick at fox he was in places what he wasn't supposed to be doing embarrassing things. >> the life of marian berry. new documentary locks at who the former mayor of dc really is. phil film crator what it was like to work with him next. >> i think she's tv gold. genuinely. >>reporter: and simon cowell speaking
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at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. >> the "american idol" family just got a little bigger. former idol contestant is now a mom. singer actress gave birth to baby boy yesterday. named after his dad hudson fiance david. mom and baby are said to be doing well. no word on when the new parents plan to tie the knot. "american idol" judge say they are sad to see paula abdul leave. her sudden departure last week is still fresh in the minds of the
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former colleagues. idol crew is in boston this week taping season no. 9 and time open says it will not be the same without paula. >> but she was the heart. so you take that away. so it is a different show. but you have to respect her. she is going to get a million offers to do other things. and she'll make the right decisions. >>reporter: simon nose what he is talking about apparently. reported dancing with the stars so you think you can dance have both expressed interest in hiring paula abdul. >> hbo hoping to answer the question just who is marian berry. special documentary the 9 lives of marian berry looks into the former washington, d.c. mayor who was arrested during an fbi drug sting in 1990. berry became well known as black activist leader when he became mayor but 3 terms later he fell from grace when filmed doing drug ins a hotel room. he really truly does look forward doesn't look back but in a film you are really
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asking people to look back and analyze how you felt and why you did what you did. he really resisted that. so it was a challenge. >>reporter: documentary premiers tonight on hbo. it handle the talk .
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham with receiver rank already depleted by injury the ravens lost another one. at least temporarily today. derek may son suffered dislocated finger. he left the field with the trainers but appears better later today. no word on his availability thursday night against the redskins. after almost 3 weeks working like coal miners they are ready for thursday. lights on. stadium will be full. better yet, they will be someone other than your team mates to go up against. consensus is that's the pest part about it. >> we are excited to get out there and play a live game
5:57 pm
again. waiting awhile to do that. when you are here in camp you kind of want to get away from your own own team and get away from the college and go out and play, play game in front of some fans and we are excited to do that. >> this is training camp game. extension of training camp. it's not a practice obviously. it's a game but it's an opportunity to keep growing as football team and individual players so we are not game playing for us or them for us run our basic stuff and see how they play together and execute. >>reporter: earlier today espn chris caused a fire storm here when he speculated on line that the ravens seem to be the logical destination for michael vick. in response newsom said simple simply we have 3 quarterbacks that we like a lot. later today chris back tracked said he spoke with the raven official and there is no interest at this end. vick agent does say his client is on the verbal of signing with the team but didn't identify which one. we
5:58 pm
have more from ravens training camp. highlights of the orioles and a.and chris one on one with ravens end krueger. coming up tonight. thanks bruce. another really hot day out there when do we get a break. >> vytas joining to us tell us when. vytas? >> looking at steamy conditions. once again in the lower 90's. we are taking a look outside right now. we can see there was some pretty good sunshine but you can see the buildings having a little bit of shade on them. we have a line of thunderstorms north of cockiesville and kind of blocking the sun a little bit as we continue to see the stormy weather push in. 87 winds out of the west at 8. humidity level 57 percent and pressure is dropping at this time as we continue to see a time as we continue to see a frontal boundary pushing in
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